Key Features of D&B Hoovers

Key Features of D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a useful and powerful sales acceleration solution that can integrate with Salesforce to grow your business and increase profits through large scale data analytics. Some key features of D&B Hoovers include:

Business Signals:  Monitors the behavior of other businesses and their activities in order to find opportunities.

Conceptual Search:  Allows you to search for a concept and get a list of companies related to or involved with that concept.  For example, searching “block chain” will return all companies that are involved with that topic.  From there, results can be filtered as well as saved.

Ideal Profile Scoring: Allows you to specify certain criteria you want targeted when looking for new companies to do business with, then scores companies based off this criteria in order to find the best prospects.

OneStop Reports: Creates a consolidated report from a list of other reports. This report is generated in a .PDF format.

SmartLists: These are dynamically generated and updated lists that contain information about new opportunities. New businesses and contacts relevant to criteria you set are added to your SmartList automatically. 

Triggers: A trigger is an automated alert that fires when certain terms or events come up in the news. With triggers the user can watch trends unfold and gain key insights into the market. These alerts can be customized and emailed to the user.

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