Chapter 1: Front Office Process Tower

Chapter 1: Front Office Process Tower

External facing customer & lead interaction

The Front Office is where revenue is directly generated for your company, so ensuring you have a good process for it is important. As with anything, developing a strategy is key to success. Whether you’re a new business or an existing one, get to know your market and develop a business strategy around it.  Analyze the current market, gather business intelligence, and look into marketing programs such as Partnership Growth Program or SPIFF, where salespeople are immediately rewarded through bonuses for sales.

With your business strategy developed it is time to really delve into marketing. To make sales in the first place, customers need to know that you’re an option. Get the word out there through a marketing campaign. Advertise your business through the web, TV or radio, attend trade shows, launch email campaigns and send mail to potential consumers. Once the word is out there, Sales Development Representatives  (SDRs) should work to organize potential leads for the sales team.

Sales are next in the front office process. Use the leads that marketing has created and convert them into sales. Configure Price Quote software, or CPQ, can be used to generate accurate quotes for potential customers in real time, in order for a salesperson to have a quote readily available to convert a lead.

When a sale has been made, track that order using your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This will help the front office process by allowing salespeople to look at existing orders when trying to keep clients or convert new leads.

This has been an overview of the Front Office Process Tower. Throughout the rest of these chapters, more details will be given on each area within the tower.

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