Data Cleansing

  • Duplicate Detection – Ability to configure a fuzzy matching engine to detect duplicates. This includes administrative configuration and execution of batch matching jobs.
  • Same Object Type (Account::Account).
  • Duplicate Remediation – Ability to merge duplicates in the systems – both single object and automated bath merge.
  • Automated Merging
  • Data Stewardship
  • Duplicate Prevention – Ability to catch duplicates before they are committed to (at Point of Entry).
  • Account Creation
  • Improve all address data including International address. Further matching of those records, defining survivorship and enriching golden view with the new data.
  • Ability to work with external sources of Account data (e.g. PeopleSoft, CIS, Avention) and the integration of that data with Salesforce Account data. Matching of external records, defining survivorship and enriching “golden” view with the new data

Account Management

  • There should be one Account for each legal entity within Salesforce.
  • All Business Units should work together under the same Account record when multiple opportunities exists rather than creating a new account.
  • Identify SRM vs. non SRM Accounts.
  • Clearly defined Account Ownership and Account Team.

Hierarchy Management

  • Account Hierarchy Creation – Configuring account hierarchies based upon Salesforce/Avention data. (e.g. Zurich/Marsh). This is the corporate legal hierarchy.
  • Ability to ingest Hierarchy data from Salesforce data.
  • Easy to manage Account Hierarchy.
  • Ability to store multiple hierarchy types. Ability to manage hierarchies with many levels and nodes.
  • Ability to manage, manipulate and share data across multiple hierarchies.
  • Ability to display and report on records related to the hierarchy, such as Opportunities, Contacts and Leads.
  • Ability to create Dashboards based on Multi-Dimensional Hierarchies

Cloud Customer 360 – Powering an Enterprise view in Salesforce | Powering Salesforce with a complete customer view

  • Data Cleansing
  • Advanced Lead Conversion for Marketing
  • Enterprise Consolidated View for ALL sources
  • Fuzzy Matching Engine
  • Native Salesforce Merge Functionality
  • Point of Entry Duplicate Protection
  • Advanced Hierarchy Management
  • Multi-dimensional Hierarchy Visualization
  • Unlimited Hierarchy Management across the Enterprise
  • Natively report on all hierarchies in Salesforce Dashboards
  • Salesforce Multi-org Coordination
  • Data Governance
  • Native Salesforce Workflows and Approval Process interaction