Miller Heiman (MHI) Sales Methodology

Sales process improvement is an ongoing effort that extends well beyond the workshop event. Alumni coaching modules provide Miller Heiman Group alumni with on-demand reinforcement and coaching. This is just one way Miller Heiman Group supports professionals in their efforts to master the craftsmanship of selling.

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For Strategic Selling® Alumni

Strengths and Red Flags

When you are involved with a sale, there will almost always be factors you know are strengths, and some that are red flags. However, these factors are not always easy to identify. In this module, a Miller Heiman Group sales expert will discuss strengths, red flags, and how to uncover those that are less obvious.


Developing Coaches

A Miller Heiman Group sales expert shares techniques for qualifying coaches within or outside the buying organization who will lead you to the other buying influences and who will give you the information you need to make the sale. Learn how to develop coaches who truly want your success in a specific proposal.


Getting to the Economic Buyer

The economic buyer is almost always the most important person to reach in a sale, but is often the most difficult. In this module, a Miller Heiman Group sales expert will discuss how to recognize the economic buyer, how to reach this important decision maker, and ways to overcome common roadblocks in the process.


Identifying and Leveraging Win Results

Sharpen your ability to differentiate between personal wins and organizational results. This module will show you the added power of structuring valuable solutions by teaching you how to better identify the wins and results of your customers.


Managing Your Funnel

Looking for a way to prioritize and manage your sales activities for a smoother, more consistent sales cycle? This module is the perfect resource to help you manage your selling activities by building a healthy funnel.


For Conceptual Selling® Alumni

Action Commitments

Sales activities require commitment by both the buyer and the seller. Yet salespeople tend to take responsibility for moving sales forward, asking little of the customer. This module will help you better communicate with your buyer to ensure they are making the necessary commitments to advance the sales cycle.


Building Effective Questions

Learn how to structure strong and effective questions to ensure you are in line with your customer’s concept. In this module, a Miller Heiman Group sales expert identifies different types of questions and explains how to use questioning for better communication with customers.


Building a Valid Business Reason

Improve your call back rate from customers and prospects by using a valid business reason (VBR). This module identifies the components of a VBR and shares voicemail examples to demonstrate how to leave more compelling messages that set the call as high priority for the client.


Buying Influences Defined

Examine the four Buying Influence roles found in every sale. By understanding each Buying Influence role you will better understand what they are trying to fix, accomplish or avoid which in turn helps you propose the appropriate solution.


Understanding the Buying Influence’s Concept

Smart salespeople recognize that they must understand what their customer is looking to accomplish before they offer a solution. In this module, a Miller Heiman Group sales expert explains how to identify the customer’s concept through the use of effective questioning.


For LAMP® Alumni

Focus and Stop Investments

Some selling activities are a great investment of your time, while others may be doing more harm than good. This module helps you differentiate between selling activities that will help your success with large accounts and those that may actually hinder progress.


Importance of a Charter Statement

A Miller Heiman Groupl sales expert explains how a Charter Statement can help both you and your client reach a desired outcome by precisely defining the business relationship that will bring value to both groups.


Trends and Opportunities

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone in business that trends generate opportunities. This module will teach you how to define a trend, and identify the way trends are perceived by the field of play so you can maximize their potential with your key customers.


New Blue Sheet Features

  • Manager Note’s – Ability to have/add more text entry fields with user-defined labels
  • Buying Influence-Ability to add a Placeholder for Economic Buying Influence (EBI) that automatically inserts a red flag.

–Buying Influence section allows a blank name, role, or rating in the BI object. Previously the name & role were both required, but now either the name or the role can be left blank as a placeholder – one of these will always be required though, and records with a blank name or role will only remain in the applet and cannot be written out to CRM.

–Upon saving the Blue Sheet, if there is no EBI, an alert prompts the user with “No EBI has been identified, would you like to add an unknown EBI to your strategic plan?” If Yes is selected, then a red flag is added to the blank Name field of the BI and the role defaults to “E”.

  • The Blue Sheet allows a user to choose the type of object (Action or Event) a Best Action / Green Sheet will be associated with. A user can only select the record type when creating a new item and this gets locked once linked with CRM record.

New Green & Gold Sheet Features

  • New Green Sheet Features

–The SSO field labels can be customized in the Admin module. Sales Revenue / Other Units and Product / Service are the field which can be customized.

  • New Gold Sheet Features

–Single Sales Objective tab – includes opportunities associated with any sub-accounts related to the account.

–The number of sub-accounts displayed is dependent on the CRM

–SFDC displays sub-accounts 5 levels deep. SFDC also only shows opportunities in sub-accounts when the FOP is NOT mapped.

–The Gold Sheet format allows Focus and Stop Investments to be associated with a Goal or entered into the Gold Sheet without a Goal.

–Contact Account and Title now display in the Gold Sheet Strategic Players Section in addition to the Contact Name.

–Strategic Players- Account and Title now display in addition to the Contact Name.