Selling Organization

  • Selling organization team is your strategic account team, made up of a multi-department team of individuals that are in the position to influence the relationship.
  • Key Player: anyone in the field of play who doesn’t quite fit the other three categories of strategic players but is critical to your success.
    • Have a high degree of credibility.
    • Critical touch points within the fields of play.
  • Sponsor: have influence over other strategic players; they support the salesperson’s presence and have ultimate authority.
    • Must exercise authority over all or much of the field of play. Authority is the distinguishing factor.
    • Have influence and credibility with the other key players.
    • Strong supporter of your tenancy- they have self-interests that are being served as a result of the relationship.
  • Strategic Coach: a person who has high credibility, supports your efforts, and offers ways to improve your position.
    • Highly credible in the field of play.
    • Actively and effectively support your efforts.
    • Can suggest ways for you to improve your position.

Field of Play’s Opportunities

  • Opportunities are field of play’s issues or needs that you can address or solve and, by so doing, improve your position in the account.
  • Opportunities must be so good that you would feel uncomfortable not to pursue them.
  • Opportunities are driven by current trends.
  • Opportunities are issues or needs driving the field of play’s business.

Strategic Strengths

  • A strength is something that, when leveraged, helps the field of play achieve an opportunity.
  • Strengths that are unique will help the field of play differentiate your solution from that of your competition.
  • A unique strength must be important to the field of play, or it is of little value as a differentiating element.
  • Any element of your solution can reduce risk for the customer and/or help them capitalize on trends and opportunities can be considered a strength as long as it is not offered by your competition.
  • If you don’t articulate strengths by which strategic players can differentiate your product or service, they will find a way to differentiate which will hinder advancing on the buy-sell hierarchy.