Execute your sales strategy

Sales Hub SalesPlan takes the path to close out of the rep’s head and gets it into the Salesforce. Opportunity Scorecards, Meeting Plans, Buying Influence Analysis and WinPlan. Benefiting the rep, sales managers, and the potential customer.

Change Deal Outcomes and Starts Driving More Sales Today

Arm sales leaders with real-time insights based on the behaviors of top performers, enabling managers to coach sellers earlier and more effectively.

Drive Seller Actions

Change seller behavior by more accurately predicting the methodology-backed action that will increase their odds of closing deals, leading to improved performance.

Replicate Winning

Leverage granular sales analytics to identify both winning and losing sales scenarios, so you can replicate the patterns that lead to more wins, larger deals and faster close times across your organization.

Improve adoption of core methodologies to positively impact team performance

Leverage mobile-first design for easy accessibility anywhere, anytime

Coach sellers in a scalable, more personalized way

Encourage sellers to utilize proven sales strategies

Integrate seamlessly with existing Salesforce CRM for hassle-free data flow

Save time and effort. SalesPlan works where you and your sales team work —in Salesforce.

Support Salesforce Classic and Lightning.

Deploys within the Salesforce Opportunity page.

Extend the capabilities and fill out the gaps in sales plan

Sales Hub SalesPlan helps sales organization execute on the things that matter —all within Salesforce.


Common qualification language across your team with qualification scorecards that adapt to any methodology including Miller Heiman, MEDDIC, BANT etc.
Supports any sales qualification methodology – MEDDIC, Customer Centric Selling, BANT, Triangle Selling etc.

Multiple Opportunity Scorecards for different business lines, sales, renewals, service, regional, industries etc.

Create and track critical actions directly from the scorecard.
Fact-based, predictable forecasting by ensuring continues qualification from
opportunity to close.

Continuously Qualify Your Opportunities – Create a common language across your team with deal qualification scorecards that adapt to any methodology.

How Sales Hub Opportunity Scorecards Work

Sales leaders introduce /create Deal Scorecard templates to match their qualification methodology

Reps create new Deal Scorecards from the template for each new opportunity in Salesforce

Team members update the scorecard as they progress through the opportunity. Scores are updated in real-time and displayed in either the Sales Hub tab or within the Opportunity tab.

Qualification Insights That Drive Action

Group scoring questions by category to segment reports

Fully customize the weight of any scoring question

Quickly identify your blind spots with timeline and radar chart views

Assign different Deal Scorecards for separate deal types such as renewals, new business, or account upsells.

Clients providing an NPS score of 6 or below (Detractor) require a follow-up call and/or meeting to address client concerns more specifically.

Call / meeting

Notes should be documented in Salesforce by creating an activity directly from the relevant NPS form.