Smarter App for Every Industry with Einstein Platform

Predictions for Consumer Goods

Consumer Demand – Predict the demand for products by store location.

Inventory Compliance – Detect share of shelf and product display compliance.

Brand Detection – Detect your brand and productions in social photos.

Predictions for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Physician Referral – Predict the likelihood of a physician making a referral.

Readmission Risk – Predict the likelihood of a patient being readmitted to the hospital.

Treatment Adherence Score – Predict the likelihood of a patient adhering to a treatment plan.

Length of Stay – Predict the number of hours or days a patient will be in the hospital.

Medical Device Failure – Predict the time between failure of medical instruments and device.

Predictions for Manufacturing

Product Quality – Predict production line defects and other product quality problems.

Production Yield – Predict the output of a production or manufacturing process.

Customer Acceptance – Predict the likelihood of a B2B customer rejecting parts or goods.

Shipping and Deliveries – Predict the likelihood of delays in shipment and deliveries.

Line Equipment Maintenance Emergencies – Predict which lines or machines may require intermittent service.

Predictions for Higher Education

Student Matriculation – Predict the likelihood of a student to attend upon acceptance.

Graduation – Predict the likelihood of a student graduating.

Education Path – Recommend majors, minors and accelerated courses for a student education plan.

Counseling Referrals – Recommend counseling services based on student behavior.

Ding Services Demand – Predict the number of students requiring dining services.

School Logo Detection in Social Media – Detect your school’s logo and brand in social photos.